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The Stockport Beekeepers' Beginners' Course


The practical beekeeping course begins on Wednesday 15th May and will be for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings until 19th June.  The course teaches the handling of bees in the presence of experienced beekeepers. It also demonstrates some of the ideas from the technical course, and helps develop an understanding of the day to day process of beekeeping. The venue will be at the Woodbank Apiary, Stockport and all sessions will be from 7.00pm until 9.00pm. Bee suits will be provided but attendees must bring their personal, clean bee proof gloves and wellington boots. 

Later in the year on Wednesday 23rd October there will a honey extraction night demonstrating the best way to harvest your honey. The cost of the practical course and extraction evening is £75. Joining details will be given to subscribers nearer to the date. 

The next beekeeping technical course will be in January 2020. This will provide the basic knowledge of bees and beekeeping needed to start keeping your own bees. The course will be on Monday evenings lasts for 9 weeks. The venue is Aquinas College, Stockport, SK2 6TH and runs from 7pm to 9pm. The cost is £75. ​

Alan Towse is the course co-ordinator and he can be contacted, for more details or an application form, at:

 alantowse@talktalk.net Phone: 0161 439 2937.

The 2017 Branch Show HoneyHoney Judge Gerry Collins gave some good feedback and sent his presentation on preparing for the show. 

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