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A huge part of our mission is to pass on our knowledge about honey bees and beekeeping to other beekeepers and the wider community. 

Beginners Theory

This popular course is held over the winter and is classroom based. It is a great first step towards becoming a beekeeper. The price is £125 per person, and the course is one evening per week for 9 weeks.

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Beginners Practical

Held in the early Summer at our apiary in Woodbank Park, this is an opportunity to handle honey bees and learn about the practical manipulations required to become a beekeeper. The price is £100 per person. One evening per week for 6 weeks.

Ecology Gardening Tour


We work with local schools to help them set up their own apiary and involve the children in keeping bees. We can also provide talks and presentations on honey bees to schools.

Image by Douglas Raggio


New beekeepers can benefit from the guidance of a somebody with more experience. We can offer mentors to help you on your beekeeping journey.

Branch Meetings

We hold monthly branch meetings at Woodford in the winter, and apiary meetings during the beekeeping season. Speakers pass on their knowledge at branch meetings.


Shows and Events

We regularly attend community and county events where we provide speakers, sell products of the hive, and answer questions about bees and beekeeping.

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