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Details of our branch meetings can be found on the Events page. Outside of the main beekeeping season we hold monthly meetings at Woodford War Memorial Community Centre, Chester Rd, Woodford, Stockport SK7 1PS. These start at 7.30pm and typically feature a speaker, who will educate us on some aspect of beekeeping. There is also time for news updates, a cup of tea and a chat with other members, and a raffle. Any member of Cheshire Beekeepers Association is welcome to attend any branch meeting across the county. It's a great opportunity to meet other beekeepers.

During the active beekeeping season we hold monthly apiary meetings instead. These tend to be on Saturday afternoons. Bring along your bee suit as hives will be opened and inspected under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper. It's another way to improve your skills and to meet beekeepers, compare notes, and maybe pop to the pub afterwards.

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