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Close up of honey bees on comb


Welcome to Stockport Beekeepers


We run theory classes for beginners in the winter, followed by practical hands-on courses in spring and summer. Members are also welcome to visit our apiary in Woodbank Park, where you will be able to handle bees



To some, a swarm of honey bees is a marvellous sight, a wonder of nature. However, not everyone feels the same way! We have registered swarm collectors who can collect unwanted swarms in a safe way.

Local Honey

Local honey from beekeepers in your area is a delicious and natural product. Honey is taken from frames inside the bee hives. Nothing is added or taken away. We have a list of beekeepers who sell local honey.


Buy or Sell Bees

Bee Dating Agency

Every year Cheshire Beekeepers run a service called the Bee Dating Agency, in which buyers and sellers of bees are matched together. You must be a member to use this service.

The members area of the Cheshire BKA site has details of the scheme. You may have to register to access the members area of the Cheshire site.


Get Involved!

Whether you want to learn more about beekeeping, pass on your experience, enter your delicious honey into shows (and maybe win an award), or meet other beekeepers in your area, you are welcome to join us.

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