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The Stockport Branch (SBKA) of Cheshire Beekeepers has been supporting bees and beekeepers from Stockport and surrounding areas since 1969. With over 200 members from as far afield as Macclesfield, Buxton and Glossop, the branch provides an annual programme of meetings and events to promote beekeeping and help to educate the public about bee welfare.

SBKA seeks to promote beekeeping and bee welfare by participating in local shows and events and making presentations to schools and organisations. It also provides education, support and training opportunities to members. Recently, Stockport Council and Manchester Pest Control have been collaborating with SBKA to educate employees on the basics of beekeeping and providing support to establish apiaries on buildings and council property.


Stockport Beekeepers’ April Newsletter

All future meetings and events are cancelled until further notice. A revised schedule will be put together when the details are issued around relaxing the rules for keeping each other safe. Our priority is the safety of the members who should not put themselves at risk in order to maintain their colonies. If you have concerns or real problems contact the secretary stockportbkeepers@gmail.com


The Branch apiary at Woodbank Park, Offerton, Stockport is being maintained by a small group of volunteers with strict adherence to Gov UK guidelines for the control of Corvid 19. A preliminary inspection was done on Monday 16 March to add queen excluders to each colony. Colonies at the apiary are over-wintered on brood and half. The inspection confirmed that four of the twelve colonies have been lost over the winter. The surviving colonies appear to be strong with sufficient stores.   


Swarm collection

Swarm collectors for 2020 have been added to the BBKA website. Please check your details are correct on the website swarm. The latest guidelines from National Bee Unit are these: You should use husbandry techniques to minimise swarming. If you have to respond to collect a swarm you need to ensure that you use the guidelines on social distancing when collecting the swarm. If that is not possible, then the swarm should not be collected. Therefore trying to prevent swarms is the best approach.


Do not enter houses and maintain safe operating conditions. Do not go onto a roof and be particularly careful, or avoid all together, collecting swarms above or around greenhouses. Contact the secretary for help to get specialist and experienced options for the removal of swarms in buildings or in difficult places. 

Only registered BBKA members on the swarm collection list may collect swarms under the banner of Stockport Beekeepers. Members who are not registered with BBKA will not be covered by the BBKA public liability insurance and do so at their own risk. 

Beekeeping mentors

I now have a list of mentors and mentees. Where possible I will pair members within a close neighbourhood area.  I will send details to individuals in the coming days. I will need permission from each member to share telephone numbers to enable initial contacts. 

Mentoring can be done by several methods.

  • On an agreed one to one basis by physically working together. Strict adherence to Gov UK guidelines for the control of Corvid 19 is essential and it is up to individuals if they want to work in this way.

  • By telephone. Normal telephone conversations can be very effective, especially if these are supported by photos or videos sent by various media options. 

  • WhatsApp and FaceTime have effective video capabilities enabling face to face conversation. Careful positioning of the phone can display colony problems on screen and in real time. 

  • Via email. An explanation supported by photos or videos is available with this option. 

  • Facebook will enable groups to engage with beekeeping matters.  

  • A combination or all these methods. If you would like to be a beekeeping mentor or to have the support of a mentor, contact the secretary on stockportbkeepers@gmail.com


Contact The Secretary if you do not want to receive emails from Stockport Beekeepers’ Association 

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