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Stockport Beekeepers
Stockport Beekeepers
Beekeepers love to talk about bees and the branch attend many events to share their hobby with the public and sell the products of their hives. We often take an observation hive with live bees and people love to find the queen bee. The branch is headed by a committee but many other branch members give their time and effort to fill a busy year learning about, teaching about and tending to the bees.
Indoor meetings at the Woodford Community centre starting at 7:30pm on a Wednesday. Apiary meetings outdoors and members need to contact Secretary: stockportbkeepers@gmail.com for location if not sure. Apiary meetings start at 2pm and people should bring clean veils and protective equipment.
Our full events list is here.

April 11th
7.30 pm
Andrew Easterbrook

Peter Carefoot has been appointed Secretary.
All enquiries should be directed to Stockport Beekeepers Secretary: telephone 01457 238664 or

We currently have two vacancies on our committee

We are looking for a new
Social Secretary and a new Apiary Manager, if you are interested in applying for either of these roles please contact The Secretary.

Social Secretary
Stockport Beekeepers have a vacancy on the general committee for a Social Secretary.

The role is to support the work of the committee by organising and providing refreshments at monthly events as determined by the Branch Programme Manager. These events are planned ahead annually.
Also, to organise and provide refreshments at the quarterly committee meetings and AGM.
The Social Secretary is a full committee member with responsibility for making decisions on the effective running of Stockport Beekeepers.
The position does require that the Social Secretary takes home the small box of utensils, ie. tea pots, tea, coffee, sugar. etc.
Milk and biscuits need to be bought for each event. Costs are refunded.
There are a number of volunteers who provide support at all events.

If you would like to know more about the position, please contact Sue on 0161 483 1897 or 07447963134.

Apiary Manager
The purpose of the Stockport Beekeepers’ Apiary at Woodbank Park, Stockport is;
1) To provide an area where members can meet to practice beekeeping techniques and exchange ideas.
2) To provide education facilities where new or intending member beekeepers can experience practical beekeeping and handle bees prior to owning their own bees.
3) It is the location where the Association’s hives are located and maintained for education and honey production.
4) Area provided for members to locate their hive in emergency situations.
The Job
To manage, with the help of other members, the 10 SBK Branch hives.
To organise the seasonal hive checking
To organise the maintenance of equipment, hives, apiary infrastructure.
To organise the extraction, storage and sale of SBK honey.
To liaise with SBK Committee to support education projects.
This is a full committee position with the opportunity to influence SKB policy.
For more information contact Peter Carefoot, Secretary

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